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What You Know About Online Contests And How Accurate Is It

Online contests have become so common. Their gain to prominence has grown with the rise of social media users. Social media has become a part and parcel of everyone’s daily routine. Everyone has at one stage participated in such contests. The truth about Online Contests: The thing about these contests is that they are quite…
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Evolvement of Social Media Advertisements

Social media has become so influential since the turn of the century. Its impact on people, shaping their perceptions, and becoming a key part of everyone’s daily routine has been puissant. It shapes our daily lives and we learn so much from social media, in particular, Facebook. Statistical Analysis: An average person spends about 35…
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Important Concepts You Need to Know Before Competing Online

More often than not online platforms, social or otherwise, offer activities to promote interactions. These activities can take many forms and shapes. While the nature might shift in preference of one activity over the other, the objective remains the same. Hence the nature of social media platforms or generally any user based interface online is…
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An Effective Method to Winning Online Contests

Most of the interactions done online are through social platforms. With most of them being designed to cater towards the need of entertainment. Online social platforms exist for various reasons, one of which is to promote engagement and connectivity. As most of the social platforms tend to offer activities which promote active engagement, connecting on…
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The Mechanism behind Winning Online Voting Contests

While spending time browsing online it is common to come across competitions and online contests. These competitions, campaigns to even online contests are all active form of interactions which are designed to promote engagement. Since online platforms exist to provide a collaborative approach, it stands to reasons why multiple online forms of interactions exists. Most…
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