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Evolvement of Social Media Advertisements

Social media has become so influential since the turn of the century. Its impact on people, shaping their perceptions, and becoming a key part of everyone’s daily routine has been puissant. It shapes our daily lives and we learn so much from social media, in particular, Facebook.

Statistical Analysis:

An average person spends about 35 minutes of their day on Facebook, only. Facebook is just one of the many applications on your phone. An average American spends more than 3 and a half hours on their cell phones per day. This just goes to show that our phones have become a crucial part of our day. As they become more and more of a norm, it’s important to see the impact of cell phones. It’s even more important to realize whether it’s dangerous for us, or beneficial. It depends on each and every person’s own opinion as to how they take this impact to be. One thing is for sure, it is definitely an important impact, and seems to be growing with every passing minute.

How is it impacting us?

I have used two facts to support what I am going to say. For both of those facts, there was detailed research that was conducted by the respective websites. Then I managed to use both of those facts while conveying my point. These researches have evolved over time. Not a long time ago such researches were being carried out by hard-paper questionnaires. Now, it’s all about a couple of clicks that seem to show up every second on your laptop or cell phone screen. These questionnaires are extremely important as they help people measure and quantify data that’s not scientific, rather influenced by human actions. Especially, when you’re living in a capitalistic world, it’s important to take into consideration the preferences of the consumer and the user. These questionnaires help shape the preferences of people and lets the sellers understand the pattern of consumer behavior as well. You could either believe in supplying people what they want or rather believe in the philosophy of the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs in making something and then making people believe that they need it. Either way, you need the help of such contests and competitions where voting is important. Buy Online Content Votes is a setup that can help any individual win such competitions. Anyone can buy votes and win a return ticket from the Maldives or be voted as the “Hottest Person in Michigan”. It’s an underrated service that is quite successful. Who would not want to be the most popular among their friends? What place to prove your fame other than the most used social media site in the world, Facebook? You can buy Facebook votes and do that with ease.

It’s incredible to see how the world has totally moved from the old era of advertisements to social media, as it could not be more obvious that social media is the biggest market to penetrate. Buying votes online has become a business and quite a successful one at that! Social media will eventually take over mainstream media, as well. It’s all about ease and comfort, social media provides that better than anyone.

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