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How I Won Online Facebook Competition

I always wanted to participate in online competitions, the ones which take place over Facebook. I used to join many fan pages on Facebook and also used to keep the track of updates, latest posts and competitions which used to be announced on those pages. I never knew how to win big in such sort of online contests. Those who used to win the competitions received many valuable prizes, ranging from gadgets to prize money. I shared my intentions of winning an online contest over Facebook in front of my friend and she told me that was no big deal. According to her I could win any online competition which I wanted to. I was surprised and sked her “what could I possibly do for that?” She suggested me to buy online votes.

I couldn’t get it initially what she was talking about. As the time progressed she made me understand the dynamics of winning an online Facebook competition that too with great margin of more votes. She told me to buy votes for Facebook contest which was going to take place back in those days. I did not know from where I could buy votes and whether it will be a cheap or expensive thing to do, as I was also tight on the budget. Being a full time student I was short on cash. She reassured me that it wouldn’t cost that much. She helped me search for Apps, vendors, and websites which used to sell and buy votes for online competitions in bulk quantity. I was excited as I never had any such experience in the past where I could that easily increase the chances of my winning in any online competition.

Days passed and we also selected a seller who assured that I would receive many votes which would be sufficient for me to win the online Facebook competition. I was happy to buy online votes as the vendor promised that all the votes which I would receive will be from different IP addresses. It was music to my ears as in the USA it is of great importance to win with votes which are voted through genuine IP addresses. I registered myself through email address and they verified my account. I must add that the entire deal was carried out with great professionalism from vendor’s end.

It was the result day when I got to know that I won the online competition; I thanked my dear friend who suggested me to buy votes for Facebook contest. After that day, I have participated in more than 6 Facebook competitions, and I have won all the contests. I always hire the same vendors which I hired many years ago.

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