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Successful Organic Strategies to grow your Instagram Followers

Instagram is more popular social platform due to their unique features like Instagram stories, Instagram Live and their latest feature Instagram TV (Using IGTV, people can upload long-form vertical videos). The continuous rise of its popularity makes it third largest social media platform after YouTube and Facebook. More than that, it is the best platform to reach an organic audience. But you need to implement some strategies to grow your Instagram followers. These tactics will not only help you to maximize your following count but also engage a number of people in your content. Let’s get into it!

What to Post: If you are using business account then you must know what your audience actually wants to see on your profile. Consider your most engaged followers and figure out what they like the most, their interests, and what type of topics they show more interest. Using analytics to find out all these stats and post your videos and photos accordingly. Moreover, use themes for your accounts that your followers find more interesting and that will entice the other people to follow you.

Use Popular Hashtags: Prior to posting on Instagram, try to search more relevant and popular hashtags for your photo and video. Once you type your topic in the search bar, you will get a number of hashtags and posts related to that specific hashtag on the right side of your screen. Use that hashtag that is utilized in plenty of posts. Use the timely hashtags on your posting that will encourage the other people to follow you. It means, uses that hashtags that are most popular and trending at that moment such as Movie premiers, holiday and sports events etc.

Geotag ALWAYS: Geotagging is must have thing whenever you post anything on your account but remember to add most relevant geotags with your posts. It is the best way to get the eyes of local users because whenever they will search the post related to that location, they will see your posts. Using geotags in your posts can give you 79% more post engagement and more Instagram followers as well.

Curate Your Content: The best way to post regular content is to create a content calendar for your profile. You can plan out your posts schedule weekly or monthly using the tool like OnlyPut and Planoly. Use these tools for regular posting but test them out before use. More than that, you can also highlight the most important events or content at the top of your schedule list.

Interact With Your Audience: Good interaction with your audience is a secret tactic to get more Instagram followers in no time. Be human, don’t say ‘Thank You’ only whenever you respond to your followers. Interact with them and reply to all the questions of your audience. That way, you can get more user engagement and a number of followers as well. Post photos with faces on your account because it can more likely to engage 38% more with your posts than those without it.

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