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How To Win An Online Voting Contest On Facebook

How to Win an Online Voting Contest on Facebook

How to Win an Online Voting Contest on Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social media networks in use nowadays. It is one of the most widely used all over the globe, which makes it a hotbed for business marketing. Through Facebook, businesses can reach out to a global target audience and market their products and services. There are different strategies they use for this purpose and one of them is to organize online contests. These contests have turned out to be very effective in engaging people because they are easy to participate in and have some great prizes attached to them. In order to win, a contest has to get votes because the person with the highest vote count is given the prize.

Even though it doesn’t involve any hassles, people still ask how to get online contest votes. Why do they? It is obvious that you would get votes from friends, family members, relatives, coworkers and other people who are in your circle. The reason that people are forced to wonder this is because even after exploring these avenues, they are still not even close to the top contestant in the contest. You will have a few hundred votes or a few thousand votes, depending on how much friends you have on Facebook, but winning a contest usually requires a million votes or more. 

Therefore, people want to know how to get Facebook votes. When these contests were a new concept, people would just make fake IDs on Facebook and use them to add votes. For the first few times, it worked out for them, but soon contest organizers got to know about it. Once they did, they worked on a solution to identify votes generated from fake profiles and these votes were rejected. So, you can try this option, but you will only waste your time in making these IDs and then entering votes because they will not work.

If you have joined groups on Facebook, you can ask people in those groups to vote for you. Some of them will pay heed to your request, some will ignore and there are also those that may decide to compete themselves. Does this mean there is nothing that can be done? No, there is one solution that can be used and has been used by contest participants previously. It is known as voting Stimmen Bekommen. This is a shortcut that can work wonders for you when done right. 

What do you have to do? In simple terms, you have to pay to get the contest votes you want. You spend a little money and it will give you returns in the form of a contest win. It is just as simple as that. This sounds like a scam to most people. How can you just purchase the votes? If it is an option, why have contest organizers not put a stop to it? The simple fact is that the votes you purchase come from real and authentic accounts, which means it is not possible for organizers to figure out the bought votes from the organic ones. 

How to Win an Online Voting Contest on Facebook

When they check the bought votes, they not only have unique IP addresses, as per the contest requirement, but also come from actual human accounts that are not newly made and can be verified. Therefore, this has made this practice a very popular solution for winning online voting contest. Nevertheless, one thing that you should understand is that while you will get legitimate votes when you purchase them, it only happens when you do so from the right online vote seller. Due to the popularity of online contests, many online vote sellers have sprung up. 

If you do a search on Google, you will come across thousands of options to choose from and this can create a major dilemma because most people don’t know which seller to choose. It should also be understood that some of these sellers are scammers and you don’t want to fall for their tricks. So, how can this be prevented? The only way to do so is by learning how to distinguish the best sellers from the unreliable ones. The good ones, such as Buy Online Contest Votes (BOCV) have some qualities that help them in standing out.

What are these qualities? Firstly, these sellers are not interested in your personal information. They will not ask you to provide a ton of personal and financial information when you sign up for availing their services. They don’t need this information to provide you with the votes required in the contest. They will only ask you to share your name and email address and then ask you to choose a package for Facebook votes. You will come across several packages and every single one of them will have a different number of votes and will be priced as per this number. 

Here, you should remember that the package you go with can make all the difference in the outcome. Thus, you should do your calculations right because in case the votes fall short, you will not win the Facebook contest you have entered. The whole reason you want to buy Facebook contest likes is in order to win. You can do so by trying to get an accurate estimate of the number of votes that can help you. Consider the number you have already collected, the number of votes of the highest contestant and the deadline. Choose a package accordingly. 

After you have selected the package, you need to pay for it. You will find several payment options to choose from and can pay as per your convenience. Once your payment is complete, you need to give the contest URL to the vote seller and your work will be done. Now, they will start on delivering the votes to the Facebook contest you have entered. This is usually done between 24 and 48 hours to make the votes seem natural. Your vote count will increase gradually and you will get to the top from where you can become a winner.

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