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How Successful Are Giveaways And Online Contests

How Successful Are Giveaways and Online Contests?

Free things are always a great way of improving traffic. No one can deny something they can get for free. It does not matter whether you need it or want it, as long as its free, you deserve to have it! Giveaways, contests, online polls, and other promotional activities are common themes on the Internet, today. Today, we will look at how effective and important giveaways can be.

Giveaways as a Marketing Technique:

Giveaways can act as a test drive. This can be testing new products by giving them away to old customers and similarly trying to distribute old products to new customers, both of which can improve the chances of your promotion.  

Similarly, these free products can be a symbol of loyalty. Everyone loves a free product and if they keep seeing it around, it could remind them to order something else from you, as well. Especially, considering they already feel a bond because they got something free of cost from you.  

It also creates a sense of competition as people buy online votes for contests and participate with a lot of fervor to have a chance of winning. This competition can allow you to gain a lot of new followers and those followers who usually come hoping to win, but end up finding something interesting and becoming regular clients!

You can also retain your old clients by awarding them by such giveaways. It is almost as important to retain clients as it is to make new ones. That is why your old clients deserve a little something now and then to honor their loyalty!

Do Online Contests and Giveaways Interest People?

It is unbelievable how much they interest people. People are willing to go to many lengths to ensure that they participate in these contests and do their all to win. It may be because of the spirit of competition, but also the fact that you could get something limited edition for free. That is the premise on which Supreme has managed to earn so much, so it is a genius idea.

There are websites like Buy Online Contest Votes, that offer the services of selling votes to interest parties which want to win these contests. That is a very intriguing concept, and surprisingly, a lot of people like to buy votes from such websites and try their best at winning these online contests. So, the answer is definitely yes, people are interested in these giveaways.

The choice of the social network also is important in determining the success of your online contest. Websites with more people, for example, Facebook, can give you more chances of having a successful marketing campaign. Similarly, if your product is something related to make-up or dresses, you have a better chance of success on Instagram. Especially, because people have the option of buying Facebook contest votes or Instagram contest votes from these websites which could give them a bigger chance of winning the contest.

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