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Do you want to increase your Facebook group members?

You’re creating new group but you don’t know how to boost your Facebook group members, that’s what i will cover in this post. Here are a lot of methods to increase your Facebook group. I will show you 5 tips to increase your Facebook group members fast. I hope you know how to create new Facebook group it’s not a rocket science.

Tip Number 1:

Invite Personal Friends

In right side of your group, option is add members. You just write your Friend name and click on Enter button. Your friend receives notification about it. This is the main thing. Facebook pages also good for promoting your products and getting more sales, but Facebook group is different from pages and much better. People make Facebook groups for help to others.

Tip Number 2:

Do Some Post Related To Your Niche After inviting your friends into your group, you must post in your group related to your group niche and describe why you crate this group and what’s the purpose of this group. I recommend add some images and write 1 post about “Facebook rules”. So people aware about your group.

Tip Number 3:

Promote Your Group

This is the main topic, you create group also invite your personal friends from your Facebook account, some related posting also done, so now you need to pay for ads. It’s really good idea to promote your group with Facebook ads. It’s really effective way to get your Facebook group members quickly.

Tip Number 4:

If you have lots of Facebook accounts then it’s also very easy for you to add members. First of all you can search on Google for adding group members script after this copy this code. Open inspect element, go into console section, paste your code and click on enter. That’s it

Now you run script for adding group members quickly. In this case you add 500 members at once if you add more Facebook may restrict your account for some time. So i recommend you to add just 500 in 1 time. If you have more then 2000 friends in your Facebook account then again use this script after 5,6 hours. In this case you get lots of members in very short time. Many people use this method to create 100,000+ members group in just 2,3 days. This technique use lots of people and earn money online. This is 100% real and secure method

Tip Number 5:

Buy Online Services To Promote

If you don’t have time to invite friends in it, or you don’t have lots of friends. I will help you to get this service. buy Facebook group members . Provide you lots of members on very cheap prices. You don’t need to do anything just pay and rest ))

They’re also provide Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube services cheap from other online services provider.


I share my all tips what i know and what expert leaders doing. Don’t stop promoting until you get 10,000 members. After this you realize i do my best job. This is really valuable way to grow your audience. Start your own group and promote it.

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